Heart and Lovers
Where Pokemon and Sex are Together
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Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Occasional Strong Language
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Meet Heart and her Family, Friends and Lovers in this sexy art comic series.


Hello, I'm Flox Cat. I'm a Bisexual person with Autism and I'm hoping to be accepted.

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Heart's Mother Xi is an example of Pokedex entry of a Female Meowstic. She at first glance is a cold and serious person who can quickly get angry in a second. However, deep down she's a loving mother who love her children and deeply love her husband (who's the only one who can calm her down). Like Heart, she both a maid and a porn star. Due to this, she and her husband has an open relationship to anybody. However, her husband and his needs always comes first for her. Vent is her true lover.
Author Note
Heart's Father is always a cheerful, but shy butler that worries alot. He always comes across as nice with a soft voice. However, if things gets bad, he'll panic. He deeply loves his children and his wife Xi. Despite his panicking and shyness, he would protect his family from any type of harm.
Author Note
This is Heart's little brother. He his quite and shy; but also a serious business man with a heart for the people. He too was also born with both sexes: Male and Female. However, unlike his older sister who has both reproductive organs between the legs, Vanadium only has the 'stick'. He dose however have big female breasts. His bust is not as big as his sister, but they're really BIG. His employees can't stop looking at them, wanting a piece of their boss. His mother name him Vanadium because she says that he's just as beautiful as the element. Though, because of his name and boobs, Pokkens thinks he's a trap. He's also very shy about sex and will ALWAYS act like a baby when it comes to it. He dose love his family, but his sister can be annoying sometimes.
Author Note
Liquor move to the USA as an Hispanic immigrant to escape her trouble past. However, she was forced to live in an Asylum for most of het childhood. Now a US Citizen, she mostly works at a Book Store in a Mall. She has a deep hate for Politics and Racism due to what she gose though. She doesn't talk much and would offen get into fights.

Despite this, she is one of Heart's friends. It seems Heart's friends and family are the only ones Liquor would talk too. She also talk to Heart herself and the two have a good understanding of eachother. Liquor seem to be into music and reading.
Author Note
A Shinx with few feelings; Apollyon had a broken life. She was forced into science experiments after experiments; breaking her mind and breaking her heart. She was also was rape multiple times during these times. She was freed by F.O.E and brought into the outside world. She's Mute and has ALOT of Trama. Her Blood Shadow (a weapon like ESP she was forced to have) is deadly and bends reality. Apollyon is on of Heart's friends; which Heart always tell her she's not a weapon.
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