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An 18.5-page adaptation of M R James' "Lost Hearts", by Anna Sahrling-Hamm
Last update: 2nd Jan 2014, 6:05 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore

Webcomic description

An 18-page comic adaptation of M R James'horror story "Lost Hearts", made by Anna Sahrling-Hamm.


Comic book artist/writer residing in Portland.

Email: anna.sahrling.hamm@gmail.com
Twitter: @asahrlinghamm

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Thank you!
One of my favourite classic ghost stories and you absolutely nailed it! Well done!
I was going to reply to a comment by someone who I think was called Delbert, only to discover the comment was nowhere to be found! I either mistakenly hit "delete" instead of "approve" or the comment got lost when I corrected the page error mentioned in the previous update. I'm sorry, Delbert, and thank you! And as for Martin's Close, that's a nice idea. I just might get on that, if time allows
Author Note
Hi, Paul! So glad you liked it and thank you so much for commenting. I had great fun making this and am hoping to make more in the future.
Hi Anna .Really enjoyed 'Hearts' .Great interpretation of the story,Really gripping .The final image is wonderful .
I discovered your work through A podcast to the curious and the link on their Facebook page .Really pleased i did !!