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A Pokemon Mystery dungeon fan-comic
Last update: 31st Aug 2020, 1:28 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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(Warning: This comic includes cussing and some blood in it. If you are not comfortable with these, please do not read this comic.) PMD: Heart's Fire is a fanmade Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon comic, and is not canon to any other Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon game whatsoever. Please do not copy this story or comic. This comic posts every Friday.

In this Comic inspired by the popular Pokemon franchise: Mystery Dungeon, Heart's Fire follows an Eevee, who has no idea who he is, where he came from, or even what he is! Desperate for answers, the Eevee teams up with other Pokemon. As he goes along wacky adventures, he finds out that he may not just be a regular Eevee!

(This comic is a work of fiction. Any places or people are work of fiction, or the idea came from the author's head. Any places or people relating to other stories are coincidental and not meant by the author.)


I draw Pokemon fanmade comics and sometimes doodle.

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It’s been a while since your last update. Hope you’re doing okay!
Thanks! And tbh, ever since I got the idea to start a webcomic, I kinda always was nervous that other people might complain about various things in my comic that is similar to other comics ^^;

Thank you for checking my comic!
I was just genuinely curious haha! You're good ^^
I'll have to go digging through my old pages to see if I can find the panel in mind, that or I'm straight-up misremembering bc it's been years

It's a small world after all eh :P Best of luck with the story! Transitioning to digital can take some getting used to but your lines are coming out very clean ^^
Hello! It's nice to see a great comic artist check this out, and I meant it when the similarities were unintended. I am actually curious as to what you mean by this picture looking similar (please excuse me, I have only kept up close to your updated pages). This idea just popped into my head as I read action manga. And I know this may be hard to believe but long before I started reading other people's webcomics, my plan was always to name him Nick. (I had a tumblr for him and another pokemon once, but that was a long time ago) But I understand, that if you are feeling uncomfortable with his name and various other things, I can make changes so as not to make it too similar.
Stumbled across this comic through various recommendation feeds-- I know you said that similarities are unintended, but this panel in particular reminds me quiiiite a lot of my old run of STLE (2008-15), even down to the Lucario. Plus, your Eevee's name is Nick, with blue eyes and a particular style of fringe, which is a funny coincidence... :P