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Hellbound Guardian
People die and make bad decisions. In that order.
Last update: 13 days ago, 8:00 AM
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Hellbound Guardian is an action/comedy story about people who die and make bad decisions (not necessarily in that order, but mostly in that order) resulting in them having to fight demons and other sludgy monsters. More specifically it follows Avery, a young adult who's spent most of her recent years struggling to deal with her PTSD after a childhood trauma. Her impulsive reactions and poor coping methods are more than questionable, often landing her in more trouble than she was in to begin with. It's a challenge, but overcoming the hurdles and finding healthy ways to go on are integral to her success in her latest misadventure: fighting back a demon army as a holy guardian of humanity. She's not thrilled.

Hellbound Guardian currently updates on Mondays!


I'm Li "Shockodile" Zard and I like reptiles and comics. I create Hellbound Guardian. One of my life goals is to touch a crocodile. My other life goals include (but are not limited to) finishing comics and eating weird meats.

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"What the fuck else can they do?"

Sounds like pretty much whatever. You don't know until you see them do it.

Glad to see you back in action!
I like being honest with everyone about the process of making my comic so at this 3 AM, let it be honesty hour. I took a month break both for the holidays and also to give myself time to try to work out a way to stop hating this page. I went over it (and the following ~3 pages) at least 6 different times shifting panels around trying to make it right. It was a huge struggle. I thought, "if I can just get it to a place where I don't hate it, I'll be fine with that," and here it is.

I still hate it lol but I gave myself a month to work on it and couldn't figure it out, therefore I must accept that sometimes a page just doesn't get to live up to my personal standards and I have to let it be awful so I can move on. Personally I think doing it this way worked pretty well for my brain, and my metric for that is the fact that I didn't have to lampshade the amount of time between the previous page and the shitty one that really didn't look like I spent that much time on it, lol
Author Note
aww I'm glad you enjoy it, and thank you so much for reading!!
Glad to refind this comic and I'm glad to see it's still alive even if Avery still isn't! :D Your artwork remains very appealing and I as an internet stranger like it!
Damn, getting pushed over, fracturing your ass bones, and then getting zapped by a lightsaber handle. Bad day all round.