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Comic profile: Hellcephira
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 7:47 PM
Number of comics: 61
Number of subscribers: 10
Visitors: 48191 visitors (216811 pages viewed)
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Comic description

There was a boy who liked a girl, but her earthling form died and her soul went back home. Well yea, this is pretty much the plot, but meanwhile there was some kind of disturbance in space and it's up to the Great Council to find out what it is and put an end to world imbalance! What is it? What does it have to do with the boy and the girl? Who the heck is Parent Time? Well, discover the vast universe of Hellcephira!


I love chameleons, games and male elves werewolves.

Most recent comments left on Hellcephira

2 days ago
Characters:RiamideaKing BeelzeberiadHagellishLuciferimus

The last two days I couldn't sleep because I was intensively thinking about all the stuff planned for the comic. I can't wait to draw them all, AAAAAH!
Left on 007
10 days ago
Characters:RiamideaRoxyvanKing BeelzeberiadHagellishLuciferimus

This page didn't turn out quite as I expected. I don't know why but her face in the last panel reminds me of Spongebob and now I can't stop thinking about it.
Left on 006
4th Apr 2018

Not sure who you would like to see as your future king? Vote Luciferimus! I will tell you why:
Hot? Check!
Edgy outside but soft inside? Check!
Breaks the rules and gets his own brother drunk just to do the thing he wants...
Left on 005
1st Apr 2018
Characters:RiamideaRoxyvanKing BeelzeberiadQueen RajiushiHagellishLuciferimus

This is the second page planned for this week. Next week we're going back to the normal schedule. So many characters I missed here! One of them I haven't drawn since 2014 or even earlier.
Left on 004
28th Mar 2018
Characters:RiamideaRoxyvanMisc. bg. charactersKing's advisor

Hello guys! I'm back from my hiatus. This is one of two pages planned for this week (this in an exception to normal uploading schedule because I feel guilty for procrastinating when I was already well enough to continue.
Two characters in the first panel are cameos of my dear friend. They were supposed to say something but I couldn't fit it anywhere. I hope he enjoys nevertheless.
Left on 003