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Adventuring Fiend El's Travels Through The Demon Haunted World
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Occasional Strong Language
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The year: 11120. Somewhere beyond human and demon, El travels the demon haunted world.


Hack fraud.


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If you're going to be a Demon Lord, you might as well be a sharply-dressed one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wRHBLwpASw
Soooo exhausted from work and it's showing. Need to slow down.

Finally done with this chapter. Next one is some massive thing I should try to scale back because it's mostly ranting about life.

Mystery man there was supposed to be in the buff like everyone else, but I'm hesitant to continue doing that so I added a suit literally last minute. Need to stop making design changes on the fly. El's stupid cape is the same, literally changed the design the second I started drawing.
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Thank you!
Yakuza 7 is immense fun. And God, I am so envious of how well you convey emotion here! Nice art
Legit just been lazy, still obsessing over Yakuza 7.

Anyways, El admits he's a coward in case it wasn't obvious. He has no talents or special skills, so nothing left to do but give up.

What will the wimp do now!? Find out in a few days!

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