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Guarding the Hen House
Stealing the show... and your wallet.
Last update: 29th May 2020, 5:00 PM
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Stalking the rooftops of Raposa City, the self-styled noble thief Kitsune seeks to give the rich their just desserts and maybe mess with the local superhero. But when her heists start having an effect on the city's dark underworld, can she steal back victory and save her city?


just someone that wants to chat,watch anime and upload "jokes" :)

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Just to be clear, that's Robin with her hood down.
Author Note
When your fence starts to burn the place to the ground, you know you're in trouble.
Author Note
Look at it this way you'll look good waiting 4 hours for the Police to question you.
There's always bumps when trying to get someone into your favourite show.

And before anyone points it out, she means no uniforms as actual uniforms as opposed to magical girl outfits.
Author Note
Before you start worrying, Robin doesn't want Kevin's money. She just wants to see how much pictures of her alter ego go for.
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