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Adventures of Henry the Mole
From the creator of Skeeter!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5 days ago
Number of comics: 28
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Comic description

Henry the Mole -- or Henry D. Mole, if you wanna be formal -- lands in a port town after his boat capsizes. As he grows accustomed to his new home, he makes new friends and discovers things he never knew before!


I am the result of years of testing by demented scientists who have forced me for the longest time to draw cartoons. I am Manny! Or, as all of you will call me, Dr. Manny!

What you will find in most of my work:
-Lots of girls (for no apparent reason. WHY?!)
-Obscure references to old, cheesy, and dead-as-disco media
-Paper-thin arms on characters
-Crappy or non-existent scenery

Most recent comments left on Adventures of Henry the Mole

12th Oct 2017
...I, uh... fail to quite understand your logic, ma'am. Also, what's with the shady black figure in your office?! What happened to the other lady?!
Left on Chapter 2 - Page 8
5th Oct 2017
Yes, Henry, listen to Juanita on this one. That building's kinda hairy.
Left on Chapter 2 - Page 7
28th Sep 2017
Unfortunately, ComicFury readers will be one page behind SmackJeeves readers this chapter due to my bloody laziness!!

When I started this comic, I promised myself that, unlike Skeeter, Henry the Mole would suffer from no schedule slips, and look what happened...

So, page 6 of Chapter 2 will be up on ComicFury today, and page 7 on SmackJeeves tomorrow. Sorry if I have to annoy any readers I get, but I might as well.
Left on Chapter 2 - Page 6
15th Sep 2017
Meet Juanita Ng. She's lived on the island her whole life, and enjoys meeting new people, even if they're not even people. Ashanti, of course, doesn't like her at all, but Juanita has learned to deal with Ashanti's ramblings. I just wonder if Henry can learn to do the same...

Sorry about the schedule slip - that was one thing I was trying to avoid when drawing this comic, but it just slipped my mind. So, here's today's update, though it was supposed to be yesterday. Next time, I'll definitely stick to the schedule.
Left on Chapter 2 - Page 5
7th Sep 2017
Asha keeps on bitching, and Henry can't seem to take much more. Enter... whoops, that character isn't seen. But they will be next week!

Also, try guessing where I got the name "Ohio Jennings" from! Anyone?
Left on Chapter 2 - Page 4