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A webcomic about monsters, sex, aliens, sex, community college witches, and sex.
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Hentai Action Theater is an anthology webcomic focusing on really quite dirty stories mixing science fiction and fantasy. And it's funny. Did I mention that it's funny? I did now. Don't take anything here seriously, except this: It's NSFW as all get out, so you've been warned.


"Bedlam Boy" is the pseudonym of a cartoonist and (the reason he's using a pseudonym) teacher living somewhere in the rainy hinterlands of the Pacific Northwest. He has a yaoi-obsessed wife, two kids, an SUV, a mortgage, and a hankerin' to pollute the Internets with hentai cartoons.

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Rest assured, as I said above this is almost the last you see of those bright, fresh-faced youngsters. This will NOT focus on teenage characters.
There is more Pokèmon porn out there than I'm comfortable with. The majority of it focused on Misty.

It's the same kind of squiffy feeling I get from the uncomfortable amount of Gadget Hackwrench porn. (Rescue Rangers, if you don't understand the reference.)
Thank goodness! I've seen all of the Jaiden Animations videos on Pokemon and boy am I ready for a much more up-front parody. She doesn't shy away from the silliness of it all, but at some point, you need just need more.
I agree - it's another comic that's fun until you think about it.

As in - how many people have died in burning buildings while Superman was cosplaying as Clark Kent?
Those 'capsules' are just like marbles...trade 'em, sell 'em, fight over 'em...and you don't have to clean up after the critters inside;)