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Hentai Action Theater
A webcomic about monsters, sex, aliens, sex, community college witches, and sex.
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Violent Content Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Hentai Action Theater is an anthology webcomic focusing on really quite dirty stories mixing science fiction and fantasy. And it's funny. Did I mention that it's funny? I did now. Don't take anything here seriously, except this: It's NSFW as all get out, so you've been warned.


"Bedlam Boy" is the pseudonym of a cartoonist and (the reason he's using a pseudonym) teacher living somewhere in the rainy hinterlands of the Pacific Northwest. He has a yaoi-obsessed wife, two kids, an SUV, a mortgage, and a hankerin' to pollute the Internets with hentai cartoons.

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The Pestle Vessel crew are back in the tavern, quaffing True Brew.
It's almost like being sneaky and exploiting other people is a Zurk family tradition. Who would have guessed.
Ah, is some sort of plot starting to emerge? Am I akshually ... GOING SOMEWHERE with this???
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The only man-buns I grow are the ones that are improved by squats.
Pleased to meet you Dentarthurtdent.