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Last update: 9th Jul 2017, 10:42 PM

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Geeky artist + geeky artist = household of chaos. Slice of life comic of my home and family. Updates when I feel like it.


Drawing longer than most people on this site have been alive, but only delved into comics a few years ago. Loves classic children's literature, celtic fantasy, Wales, and Assistant Pig-Keepers. In no particular order. Freelance illustrator of children's books and art coloring books.

Likes: singing, fanfiction, literary crit, sarcasm, 80s nostalgia, Henson, mountains, oceans, castles, and costumes.

Dislikes: politicians, internet trolls, and when people clear-cut woods to build ugly houses.

Other art, Prydain and otherwise here. ''

My Prydain fanfiction HERE.

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I only post when I’ve had a new idea, and those just haven’t come up lately. My efforts stay fixed on the longer strips, so this is one to check into now and then, not to bother with a subscription.
I completely understand that you're only posting this when you feel like it, but should I still keep an eye out for this to be continued at some time in the future or is this pretty much over?

(Do I need to make a comment that makes sense? Can't compete with the 2nd one from mantis on the previous page anyway... :))
Well, this one’s easy to overlook. I have a lot of ideas for it but never seem to get around to putting them down.
“when I think Catahoula ...”
When I think Catahoula, I think Whippet, Whippet Good!
Lord, I 'pologize for that.