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Last update: 9th Jul 2017, 10:42 PM

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Geeky artist + geeky artist = household of chaos. Slice of life comic of my home and family. Updates when I feel like it.


Drawing longer than most people on this site have been alive, but only delved into comics a few years ago. Loves classic children's literature, celtic fantasy, Wales, and Assistant Pig-Keepers. In no particular order. Freelance illustrator of children's books and art coloring books.

Likes: singing, fanfiction, literary crit, sarcasm, 80s nostalgia, Henson, mountains, oceans, castles, and costumes.

Dislikes: politicians, internet trolls, and when people clear-cut woods to build ugly houses.

Other art, Prydain and otherwise here. ''

My Prydain fanfiction HERE.

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(Do I need to make a comment that makes sense? Can't compete with the 2nd one from mantis on the previous page anyway... :))
Well, this one’s easy to overlook. I have a lot of ideas for it but never seem to get around to putting them down.
“when I think Catahoula ...”
When I think Catahoula, I think Whippet, Whippet Good!
Lord, I 'pologize for that.
“Just noticed ....”
Just noticed from your comment at The book of Three that you've another. God bless search engines (even Google, which is now a dadgum portal).
These aren't ALL going to be dog strips. This just happens to be the next one that's ready. :P
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