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The misadventures of a (not so)super robot
Last update: 22nd Jun 2017, 5:00 PM
Frequent Strong Language
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Skeeter, a robot with a crazy outlook on life, meets kooky characters, fights trolls, and always lands into trouble! Join him for massive misadventures!!


I am the result of years of testing by demented scientists who have forced me for the longest time to draw cartoons. I am Manny! Or, as all of you will call me, Dr. Manny!

What you will find in most of my work:
-Lots of girls (for no apparent reason. WHY?!)
-Obscure references to old, cheesy, and dead-as-disco media
-Paper-thin arms on characters
-Crappy or non-existent scenery

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“I was going to wait to say this, but...”
I honestly think Birch isn't half-bad looking.
Since Here Comes Skeeter ended, I was going through the archives, and noticed that I was, er, attracted to Birch. Maybe it's those jeans.
Also, every time I typed her name, I accidentally typed "bitch." Is that a pun of some sort??
That's it. It's all there is. No more Skeeter. I've completely exhausted my buffer.

If I haven't said this already, thank you for reading Skeeter! Of course, this may or may not diminish the impact of the swan song a couple of comics before, but the truth is, I always planned this from the beginning. As a huge Looney Tunes fan, I love adding this bit at the end of my works (in high school, I added this to the end of PowerPoint presentations!). Plus, it's another chance to see Skeeter and the gang one last time.

So once again, thank you for reading Skeeter! It's been fun.
Author Note
Oh! I almost forgot - I devised an ending for our least favorite troll as well.

As he sits outside, the Troll is given a present by Slim Jim, who was also kicked out of the party. What is it? Well, whatever it is, it actually results in something good for the Troll, who, despite trolling Skeeter and most everyone else to no end for five years, deserves as much of a chance as them all. And so he's getting his chance.

What do you think of this ending?
Author Note
It's over...

After 5 years of mayhem, mischief, and (of course) trolls, Skeeter! has come to an end. And the swan song? A party for Skeeter and his robot friends! (And Wobbuffet.)

...I can't really look at this strip without tearing up and dying a little inside... I mean, 5 years... It's like saying goodbye to your favorite pet, or the car that you've saved so much for, or a graduating class... I just want to say, even though I've never amassed much of an audience with this comic, to those who DID stay... Thank you. Thank you all!

This doesn't mean I'm quitting comics! Nope! As of this writing, I'm still working on chapter 2 of Adventures of Henry the Mole, so keep your eyes peeled! I'm also active on Instagram (booster_manny), Twitter (mannysmyname), and DeviantArt (DoctorManny).

Once again, this has been Skeeter! Thanks for reading!
Author Note
As the end creeps ever closer, let's enjoy one last appearance by Rico and Pippi. Are they actually in love? Well, you'll just have to figure that out.
Author Note