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Comic profile: Skeeter!
The misadventures of a (not so)super robot
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago
Number of comics: 297
Number of subscribers: 7
Visitors: 26497 visitors (113085 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (5 votes)

Comic description

Skeeter, a robot with a crazy outlook on life, meets kooky characters, fights trolls, and always lands into trouble! Join him for massive misadventures!!

Updates Thursdays.


I am the result of years of testing by demented scientists who have forced me for the longest time to draw cartoons. I am Manny! Or, as all of you will call me, Dr. Manny!

What you will find in most of my work:
-Lots of girls (for no apparent reason. WHY?!)
-Obscure references to old, cheesy, and dead-as-disco media
-Paper-thin arms on characters
-Crappy or non-existent scenery

Most recent comments left on Skeeter!

26th May 2017
Yes, Trollman has finally gotten some proper comeuppance. After a few years of having tormented Skeeter to no end, karma has finally gotten to Skeeter's perennial nemesis. The question is, what becomes of Trollman? ...That is, after he's been blown into the trash. You'll see soon enough...
Left on Skeeter (Finally) Gives the Troll What He Deserves
18th May 2017
Skeeter's musical friend, Marisol, shows him her gift of gratitude. It's what Skeeter always wanted...

We're almost to the end! Check back next week as a certain troll finally meets his maker!
Left on Marisol Returns
11th May 2017
11th May 2017
And so, thus ends Skeeter's tale of reality-warped misery. Check back next week as Skeeter struggles to recover from this ordeal! ...Nah, I'm just joshing.

But seriously, only a few strips left until the end! Is everyone ready!?
Left on Back to Life, Back to Reality
27th Apr 2017
Eat your heart out, Sonic Dreams Collection.
Left on Sky Balls