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Heroes of Hoenn
A reboot of my first ever comic!
Last update: 1st Apr 2021, 8:01 PM
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This is the remake of Heroes of Hoenn, my first ever Nuzlocke comic! This originally was just gonna be a revamp of up to the first gym so the older pages are from as far back as 2014, But eventually I felt like I just needed to revamp the whole thing to do what I want, and stay motivated. This comic will only update once a year on it's anniversary, October 29th.


Just an artist with way to many comic ideas!~

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well ezcuseeeeee me princess
Yo guys, what if I posted this year's HoH page early, and started doing short form pages!~ What? This is my 6th page upload today? I was just feeling really generous today! On this very normal, inconspicuous, Thursday~ :3c
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Indeed! Workin on the next page as we speak!~ (just, very slowly)
Everyone has strong eyebrows~