Hexx: Heroes out of Darkness
NSFW 18+ Horror - Action - Fantasy With Comedy
Last update: Yesterday, 2:03 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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NSFW 18+ Has spooky, gore, sensitive and sexual imagery.

Six highschoolers break into an old abandon mansion for fun, Turns out to be one hell of a night. 13 Years later That House comes back for them in an unexpected way as they face a new enemy rising.

This story deals with Mental Health health, Addiction, and Sex in the means of a Horror/adventure/slight erotica story

Creator/Writer/Colorist: Zach T. Jordan

Lead Artist : Mamatrozi

Guest Artist: CarlX Borla Embalzado
Pages 41, 42, 43

Guest Artist : Burak Kanoglu
Pages 10,18,19,20,21

Guest Artist : Komixmaster
Page 62,


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it was something from last week. so idk. theres warning and details in the description of this comic. But its 2020 and people need to be offended and get there woke badges. lol
If you lose a reader over this, especially considering everything that's gone before, they weren't really reading it anyway and were just looking for something to be 'offended' by.
Who hasnt once....a week
Not to mention grinding!