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Hidden swords
A were toxtricity challenges god
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A comic about a Poison werepokemon origin who hates arceus and leaves his home on a journey to find a long forgotten god. To perhaps maybe strike out against the god who he hates so much.

This comic is based on a nuzlocke which I had done right when swsh came out so its completly blind. and thus was a pretty hard challenge.


Software developer by day, artist uhhh also by day.
Sometimes I cry because I can't go to space.

Hiya You can call me Gio btw. my pronouns are he/him or drae/draer prefered. Though tbh anything is fine so long as you dont call me a she

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Welcoming squirt to the nuzlocke
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mEET squirt. Smolest child
Author Note
Porchoros really ?
Author Note
Well if your curious mauna is a Drapion/charizard/yveltal cross who is also ghost type
Author Note
first transformation after the prologue XD
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