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Comic profile: Hofgut Schattenkuss
Hofgut Schattenkuss
NSFW extra material by different artists
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Content flags: Sexual ContentNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Erotica
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 6 days ago
Number of comics: 44
Number of subscribers: 8
Visitors: 759 visitors (3358 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (8 votes)

Comic description

An offspin of the Theater of The Bloody Tongue. Ariane Eldar in multicrossover NSFW situations with characters from other comics, meeting at an eerie estate.



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17th Aug 2017
Ariane pressed her lips together, as she felt Alvery hands touching her hips. Nobody should ever say she had chickened out in front of a flokatihead! She bit on her lips to supress her moans as she felt Alvery's mouth and tongue. Ariane wasn't to successful in that, as Alvery did hear her struggling and intensified her efforts. Ariane tried to hide her arousement as she thought it would be embarrasing to be broken by a flokatihead, but despite her efforts she bursted out a loud, desperate squeal.
Left on Ariane and Alvery
12th Aug 2017
Poor Alvery felt neclected. Mela and Cushion were much to busy to notice her, and the others... Soeren almost crashed the table with his mighty thrusts, while Ariane's chest dented up Perverto's lampshade hat. Mercy worked on Ariane, too, and enjoyed her, but had the feeling she should get her share of Soeren now. She was sensitive enough to see that he needed a break to recover from that exhaustion. After he finally stopped moving with a loud groan, and Ariane stopped squealing, Mercy took a rope from Perverto's surprise box and tied Ariane to the table.
"Alvery, do you want her? Me and Soeren will just watch now."
Left on Do you want her?
6th Aug 2017
"Wait, that table wasn't there a moment ago." said Soeren.
"Never mind, just bent her over it." said Mercy, who had just put a leash on Ariane. Soeren picked up Ariane, while Mercy quickly browsed Perverto's box of toys. She took something out and hid her hand under the table.
"I found a little surprise for you, Ariane" she said.
Perverto realized some flaws in his plan. He was in a fantastic position, but the lampshade blocked his sight, and he couldn't turn his head. But he knew something serious was going on over him.
Left on The Whising Table
6th Aug 2017
Just a quick pencil sketch done in less then 5 minutes. Weird scenes, not inside a gold mine, but at Hofgut Schattenkuss. In the background Ariane with Mercy and Soeren, on the right Cushion between Mela's legs. Alvery is checking the box of toys and Perverto has a cunning plan for camouflage. (Lamp on table)
Left on A quick sketch of weird scenes
3rd Aug 2017
Double Harpoon Action!
Left on Soeren ready for battle