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Two years have passed since the plague of the Shield Wolf was defeated, but the increasing threat from humans has forced the family of Asmundr to leave their home. In the new land, their prayers and questions to their gods are only answered in silence, as the dangers of this land become their new reality. An Asmundr sequel.
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I guess I dont understand the hate/mistrust of Rome. I think he is being a good light she needs. SHe has been met with nothing but hardships so far and needs a buddy. I dont seem him as coming off as flirty more... just strange. But then again im strange as well so I get it haha. I also dont think Jahla has ever fully told him she is taken? So we cant blame him for something he has never been told.

I'm completely with you. However, Jahla hasn't heard from Father since a long time, what's certainly unusual. As a pup she constantly talked to him and was in contact. But now, silence. She doesn't know why and the absence of the so called Gods caused a lot of pain and loss to her and her whole family.

When she is sitting there on that hill, starring to the sky, I believe she is searching for the gods, hoping she might find a hint to where they have been in all this time. Her words and her view towards the silence of the Gods is just a way of protecting herself from losing faith in the Gods. If she would admit that it's possible the God's have left them, I think she wouldn't be able to go on with everything.
Thank you!
Say what you want I ship these 2
I think you are correct, a lot of the hardships are self inflicted, but you have to think about this from a character point of view. It doesn't always look self-inflicted to those who are doing it. It can look like the Gods KNEW this would happen and that their strength afterwords was because of the divine instead of because of growth within your own self.

In addition, it can look like there was a divine hand in the growth, maybe the Gods didn't cause it all actively, but it can seem like they had a hand in it when they might not have.

As for Rome, I felt this was an agreement with her. Singing is an important part of their life. Jahla said something that he believes, as is indicated from his response of basically "You're amazing, now believe it". I could be wrong, but that's how it came across with me. Instead of turning up loud music, it's like me yelling "YAS QUEEN" when I agree with a friend.