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Two years have passed since the plague of the Shield Wolf was defeated, but the increasing threat from humans has forced the family of Asmundr to leave their home. In the new land, their prayers and questions to their gods are only answered in silence, as the dangers of this land become their new reality. An Asmundr sequel.
Asmundr can be downloaded in the form of a zip file at the comic site.


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I'm like a BIG fan of this comic.

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I will have to stend by Axi's side here. She is the "Duty is the death of love" type character that follows protocols and rules strictly to the point. Which makes her unique as she's the only one to do so. This has nothing to do with friendship, this is duty for her and I admire her for keeping this often unpleasant and difficult mind set.
Her distrust is just part of her work (she is trying to verify the informations given - while the most of other characters just trust blindly) and in many cases her distrust is justified.
It took awhile...but I just realized that Feo's survival has a good chance of exposing Ronja's 'lie by omission' in the future. If Feo starts talking about how Rogio and Kargo convinced her and her help them escape and to come with them....
Well, at least by her perspective she's been lied to. All Ranja said is that he died during the fight with Ranach, which is true. I kinda wonder when inevitably the truth comes to light how they're going to try and explain the whole reincarnation thing.
Lowkey..I love how this page shows that Axi doesn't have as much of an authority as she'd like to have. I'm pretty sure she'll learn about Kargo being alive sooner or later and I can only imagine her reaction once she realizes she's been lied to several times. She might feel incredibly disrespected and furious, which could lead her to take extreme measures to regain her authority. And to 'protect' the Capital. That would also be her time to shine as an antagonist and I'd love to see it.

I don't really think most of her unpleasant actions are..personal. She's a representative of the Capital and she takes it seriously. It really is her job and she sees nothing outside of that, not even her long time friends. What a shame.
I did not say anyone was guilty, I said that Fraujar probably didn't want Axi to be weird to Ferah. Axi doesn't really give people the benefit of the doubt, if Fraujar told her Ferah told him about Kargo, he would have to tell her how Ferah knows Kargo and Axi might jump to conclusions and be obnoxious about it so best let Ferah not have to go through that.

Furthermore, yes actually, there's a chance the capital could blame all these dogs for their roles in Kargo's escape from punishment, that's why Fjordor still reported him to the capital instead of just not saying anything, but probably didn't volunteer the information that he let Kargo go. And Ronja told Axi Meteor didn't know Kargo was a fugitive before he died, because they would have had an issue with Meteor if they had admitted to harboring a fugitive.

Overall though, my point was not that anyone did anything morally wrong there, I was explaining why Fraujar probably didn't bother telling Axi about Ferah, which was a good thing on his part. I also didn't say Ferah legit aided Kargo in what he did or wasn't upset with him, I was explaining what it could LOOK like to a character like Axi who, again, doesn't give people the benefit of the doubt. Ferah running with Kargo and not turning him in could LOOK like she was aiding in his escape, which, she wasn't not helping him, she didn't want him to get caught and killed for the crime he commited, so, she was helping him escape that. Not saying it's wrong of her, but she did do that and I don't think Axi would care about the emotional and personal conflicts involved in that or whether or not Kargo and Ferah are actually good dogs who made mistakes and feel bad about them or anything like that.