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Two years have passed since the plague of the Shield Wolf was defeated, but the increasing threat from humans has forced the family of Asmundr to leave their home. In the new land, their prayers and questions to their gods are only answered in silence, as the dangers of this land become their new reality. An Asmundr sequel.
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Yea, me too.
Panic's older brother xD
Yeah Rogio is actually, if I remember right, the biggest dog in the main cast right now (besides the Akiulfr, who are all just huge). I think of the regular dogs Kargo was the only one bigger than him. And we've gotten some suggestions to his strength from other characters and plot points too. I don't remember exactly, and could probably be totally wrong, but I seem to remember him being the lead warrior (or at least a warrior) prior to Ranach being in control, which is a huge testement to his strength if even the Meteor regime preceeding Ranach recognized that. And during the fight with Ranach and Avanti, Ronja mentioned that, besides Kargo, Rogio is their strongest fighter.

Hopefully maybe with this beast being out of the way, and Rogio starting to come to terms with his guilt and trauma, he'll be able to really show that strength more in the story. I feel like his sleep deprevation probably really cut into his combat abilities lately, so maybe we'll see him come into his strength a little more now.
Happy Rogio defeated his "demon", though I can't help but feel a bit sorry for that poor big bat
I think if Rogio had let it consume him like his nightmares kept predicting, the creature would gain enough power to manifest itself into the real world, killing him AND becoming a real-world ghoul at the same time. I think back to Aira and Avanti. Aira was able to turn back into a normal dog, but she had a ton of trouble acclimating to the new life even with Keirr's help, and was quickly tempted back to the power. Only Keirr's 2nd intervention stopped her from becoming that monster again. With Avanti, Rogio was able to smash the vial around her neck (as well as the others that burned the alter), so she seemed to get her mind back, but her body was still very twisted when she fled. I'm sure something similar to either Aira or Avanti would have happened to Rogio. Maybe the difference is that Aira chose it; maybe Avanti had nightmares about it before it happened too, but she couldn't stop it or something. We don't know a ton about Avanti.

It was like, feeding off of his insecurities and guilt that he's been carrying around with him this whole time. Fuss left behind an orphan and widow, Rogio knew about Roamer's feelings for Kargo especially right before he died and how he complicated it, and he had a lot of reservations about Ranach's 'relationship' with Ronja, standing by and doing nothing while he manipulated her. Literally the stuff of nightmares, if you can't let the guilt go. So I think it's just him coming to peace with / accepting all those things and moving past them, so he was suddenly able to kill it now.

It would be re*ally cool to see the other side of the story with this and learn about how they're really made. I still have a lot of questions about Zilas before they gave him a jarl's treatment by burning him.