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A furry military sci-fi comic, more or less.
Last update: 25th Apr 2020, 12:11 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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"A U.S. Air Force General disobeys a direct order to protect someone he cares about, now he must face the consequences of antagonizing the sinister force which pulls the strings from behind the scenes."

Homeworld is a comic about anthropomorphic animals in a sci-fi (albeit modern-day) setting. It is both a conflict and character focused story. We easily estimate it will be over 500 pages long!

In Homeworld you will see a variety of things and themes - many different characters - some from Earth and others from far, far away, romances both straight and same-sex, internal and external conflicts, armed and physical combat, deaths, advanced technology, weapons ranging from combat knives to advanced swords and handguns to massive spaceship cannons, and much more.


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Nice, thanks, I'll check it out
Oh, Deliverance is my novel in progress (:
I post the first draft on my deviantart and my furaffinity for those interested in reading it!
Well, damn. And I've just discovered this beautiful comics recently.

And what is Deliverance? Your other wecomics?
This will be the last Homeworld page for a while! Unfortunately the comic is going on hiatus for a few months (we'll be making an effort to avoid making it longer than 6 months). Mads is heavily affected by the pandemic and I'm suffering a rather heavy burnout. I didn't really take my break in September properly, I spent it reworking older pages and writing for future ones which meant I've been working on Homeworld very intensely for nearly one year and a half, and with my attention unexpectedly shifting to Deliverance, the burnout's hit me like a truck. We need some time to get our mojo back, thank you for being patient <3

Hope all of you and your families are staying safe.
Author Note
Thank you! <3