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A comic about growing up, college, and the things that go bump in the night
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Life isn't easy for Caleb "Shade" Smith. Not only is he struggling to balance school, relationships, and his job as the manager of the Horror Shop in the Canadian city of Port Salem, British Columbia. But Shade is also a closet monster-in-training, still learning the ropes of the whole "haunting" business. And if that wasn't stressful enough, there's far more weirdness going on in Port Salem than anyone would have guessed. Things are about to get even more interesting for Shade and his band of misfit monsters.

Welcome to a world of magic, mystery and monsters.

Welcome to the Horror Shop


Full-time nerd, part-time wonk, sometimes witty, oftentimes late

Halloween has long been my favourite holiday--from the costumes to the cartoon specials to the decorations to the Ravenloft games my dad used to run. This comic--and indeed, the entire Horror Shop universe--is something of a tribute to the holiday, that special time of year where everything seems possible.

In the real world, I have a journalism degree with a double minor in intercultural communications and political science, which I am dutifully putting to work working as a digital marketer, political consultant, and webcomic author.

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"I just wanted to watch the game!"

And ooof, losing all that on what you just bought for concessions...

Talk about a nasty double whammy!
Well, this is definitely not how Spike saw this evening unfolding...
Author Note

We wanted different types of "magic" to have different appearances. So supernatural powers related to the Spirit World have sort of an organic and whispy look to them, while powers tied to the Netherword are shadowy and ominous (like Grey used in the last book), and arcane magic is strict, orderly and geometric (like Hex used in the last book).
Really really love how you do the shift here in panel 4. Its nicely visceral but fluid.
We're back from the dead! And just in time for spooky season, too.

Welcome back to Port Salem, everyone. The quirky Canadian town filled with more monsters than you can shake a stick at. Including, apparently, werewolves!
Author Note