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Huckleberry is a young plant person, and also a fruit themed superhero from Chunkystew, a small, eccentric desert town. He mostly wants to have fun, but he keeps meeting odd creatures and getting into unexpected adventures, with or without fellow superbeings.

This comic takes everything I love about superheroes and combines it with my own brand of silliness. It's set in my preexisting universe, which means appearances from older characters, but you can read it without any prior knowledge. Expect Golden/Silver Age inspiration. Updates whenever I can.


Matt Comics
Matt Comics
Hi there! I'm some kind of lifeform named Matt. When I was a kid, not so long ago, I created the Matt Comics world, which includes all of my online comics, and other things.

I love animals, plants, monsters, and old-school superheroes. Most of my interests, such as folklore or astronomy, have some influence on my stories.

See you around!


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Matt Comics
thanks! finding the balance between detail and clarity is the hardest part...
That would be a tad unsettling!!

Nice page layout, the time put into it was well-spent :)
Matt Comics
I probably have cute mummies in some old drawings, but this guy isn't one of them >:)
It feels safe to assume that this guy is NOT like the mummy in How to Keep a Mummy
Matt Comics
This page's layout took a long time but I'm satisfied with the result.

Now would probably be a good time to ask if anyone here is afraid of snakes. Are you? But I suppose anyone with severe ophidiophobia already ran away during the first chapter.

thanks for reading!
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