Hypoxia || A Pokemon SS Nuzlocke
A Pokemon SS Nuzlocke
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Hypoxia || A Pokemon SS Nuzlocke

Pokemon are wondrous creatures.
Creatures that Cassidy no longer wanted anything to do with.
Unfortunately for him, Echo, an over enthusiastic and spiteful little cyndaquil has other plans.

CW: Trigger Warnings: Abuse (Domestic), Mental Illness, Death, Blood/Violence/Amputation


Hey! My name's Jack and I love drawing comics. particularly pokemon nuzlockes and original stories.
I'm going on 28 years old, transmasc, and use he/him pronouns!

Additionally, I consider myself gay (I like men) and am polyamorous.

It's nice to meet you!

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I like Falkner's design a lot!
Also, just waiting for the worldbuilding page about trainer license, I wonder what "tier T" means..
Lmao establishing Whitney is a bitch from the get go, I love it.
Fuckner!!! Being a respectful dude, and I'm so happy this is gonna continue the trend of whitney being a PAIN
Must protect the precious fire nugget!
Oh shit!
It's Falkner!
And worldbuilding!
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