IAADITE: It's all a Dream in the End
It's all a dream in the end.
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A catlike protagonist wakes up to find themselves asleep, and meets a colorful cast on their journey to waking up; a clown, some talking meat, a dream copy of her younger brother, and a rabbit that claims to be in the same never-ending-dream situation. Along the way, she learns to trust people she should, fear things she should fear, and maybe just enjoy the moment sometimes as she moves from dream to dream.

Tags and warnings: Anthro/Furry, Dreams, Nightmares, Horror, Blood, Violence, Heavy Language.

Also there's a clown.


Hello! I'm a 27 year old (at the time of writing) artist currently dedicated to my first comic, IaaDiTe. My dreams are my main inspiration for art; both for this comic and for other art. I tend towards dark themes with cute art.

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Yeah, the different areas are based on different dreams I had. The exceptions I can think of are the Toy Box we just left, the Library, and Andrea's memories.

The main plot is based on a dream as well; "dream within a dream" kind of thing. Of course, it needed fleshing out, which is what the library and memories are for.
wait the stuff that happens here is based on real dreams??
Funny enough, I just finished World War Z for the first time.

It was fucking terrifying.
It really does. I've been trying to figure out whether or not I had seen the DHMIS clock episode before or after this dream. The dream happened in the hospital after a major surgery; both that and the episode happened when I was in college.
Wonderful, all as planned.