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I Accidentallyed Addictive
All about that time I accidentally gave addictive cum to a random guy
Last update: Today, 1:00 PM
Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes
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Sigh, I injected some random dude. At least he's promised to keep me informed of the effects.


Completed: Betty's Big Rebound (Unless I add an appendix, which I have considered.)

In progress: I Accidentallyed Addictive Jizz

You can find links to other stories at my blog. In particular Captain’s Terdy’s First Week - Fully Illustrated Edition, which is an illustrated story (not a comic) and the Virginia’s Adventures series, which is just straight story.

You can also find Captain Terdy’s First Week at my Literotica page.

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I really like the way Liz and Betty always say
“we and Jake” or “Jake and us”!
They’ve really decided Jake is *their* BF!
I'm surprised that neither Mary nor Betty has attempted to maximize her dosage by cleaning the other up afterwards. Maybe now that they now the spice is in the sauce itself...
Ah, I don't think I'm at liberty to say. I can neither confirm nor deny that Liz will ever appear again.
OK - Liz is gonna make an entrance sooner or later, yes?
Fixed! Glad you're liking it.