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Last update: 16th Aug 2017, 10:22 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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I AM ERROR is a webcomic about two hackers: Josh and Rick who have a device that can store their brain as zeroes and ones making them technically immortal. The problem is... the only way to bring yourself back after death is to download your brain into someone else's healthy body killing them in the process.


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you have't posted in a while my dude
No more comics on Sunday! Here's why:
1. It will allow me too stockpile.
2. Posting on Sunday then Monday immediately after is really bad for me.
3. I'm a growing boy and I needs my rest.

Thanks X
Author Note
OK so... I messed up with all the scheduling stuff so instead of coming out every 2 days it came out earlier (good for you). but it should be coming out on time now
Author Note
This was a small experiment -changing up the coloring.
Author Note