Gifts of wandering ice
Ancient things melting icebergs bring...
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People of post ice age era are trying to learn more about history of the humanity by studying ancient things melting icebergs bring.


I draw a sci-fi webcomic "Gifts of wandering ice" about ancient things people find in melting icebergs.

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The Doodler
As somebody who spent a good chunk of time recently dealing with technical problems, I can only imagine an (affectionate) comedy satire of the Atlanteans where they're constantly having to call IT in the middle of life-or-death battles.
Guess you could say he was disarmed.
Chaotic movements + heating up. That's what Nolan's program was all about: turning the prosthetic arm from an asset into an enemy. It worked for a while (less than a minute), but Faith has put an end to it. By tearing the arm off, cloth, metal, wires, and all. Sentinels are insanely strong as it is. Adrenaline rush doubles their strength.
Faith's cold resolve is gone now, the pain she's just went through fills her with madness. No good news for Nolan here. Now, instead of being beaten up do death he will just be torn apart.
Author Note
She gave him a good enough punch on the head so his fancy cybereyes broke.
Yikes, she went straight for the eyes? Now that's a scary opponent.