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A webcomic about badass mermaids and warrior women
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The warrior women of Eriana Kwai are the island's last hope of gaining freedom from the dangerous mermaids who have slain the men before them. Can Meela overcome her feelings for one of the mermaids she was trained to kill?

Join Meela and her crew as they embark on the Massacre in this webcomic adaptation of Tiana Warner's award-winning Mermaids of Eriana Kwai trilogy.

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Author Note
Being physiologically vertiginous I don't lay aloft, but I *can* hand, reef, and steer otherwise. Handy with fancywork, too, and at stuff like mousing hooks.
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Author Note
Daaamn, I can't imagine the time it must have took, great job, I'm impressed!
Decked out to the 9s, innit? And pretty nice on the interior, too! Old sailing ships were really bad that way, but this one looks like a modern yacht.