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The third-best webcomic in the Northeast Ohio region!
Last update: 27th Jan 2020, 4:00 AM
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No description necessary! Usually.


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What about Sir IDGet Newton? Francisco PIDGearo? Mahatma GandhIDG?
But in all seriousness, the PBS I used to work at as a teenager had a live-in cat who wandered around the whole building . . . it always ran away from everybody who came near it . . . because, y'know, it's what cats do.
Ah, so the update schedule for new comics has been set to twice-annually; got it.
What-ho?! A new IDGet comic!? And a month ago! I am . . . very shocked about this!
IDGet hasn't been updated in so long, it's not even in the first ten pages of results when you do a Google search anymore (except for the old Keenspace/Comicgenesis archive).