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A surreal adventure between the universe!
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Ani, a strange alien girl, wakes up in a surreal world with no memory of who or WHAT she is. She soon learns she is part of a race of beings called the Seraphim who are tasked with designing entire universes! Unfortunately, the Seraphim have all but disappeared, and no one seems to understand what's going on.
Teaming up with a lost shark from one of the created worlds, a god-like cat, and a cast of other bizarre characters, Ani sets out to discover the truth about herself and the strange dimension between dimensions.


A webcomic artist looking to spread his comic to a new site.
Big fan of alternative music, Nintendo and indie games, and art.

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The Alolan PokeNerd
Frick she's back
Hey all. Sorry for the big delay on the final page. Things got a bit hectic and I was very distracted last week.

Either way I wanted to thank everyone for keeping up so far...chapter 14 is complete! To give you all a bit of a roadmap, the story is more than half over and will end at chapter 21. So we're in a good position.

For the moment I'll be taking a rest and IF I will return on Tuesday, October 12th. Gotta script the next chapter and have some time to relax.
I appreciate you all for being patient with my frequent missed updates...I very much look forward to the story moving forward and I hope you all are too!

See you then!
Author Note
K, stop being sorry and just get on with it. You started this, now see it through.
The Alolan PokeNerd

She accepted this quicker than other mcs