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A surreal adventure between the universe!
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Ani, a strange alien girl, wakes up in a surreal world with no memory of who or WHAT she is. She soon learns she is part of a race of beings called the Seraphim who are tasked with designing entire universes! Unfortunately, the Seraphim have all but disappeared, and no one seems to understand what's going on.
Teaming up with a lost shark from one of the created worlds, a god-like cat, and a cast of other bizarre characters, Ani sets out to discover the truth about herself and the strange dimension between dimensions.


A webcomic artist looking to spread his comic to a new site.
Big fan of alternative music, Nintendo and indie games, and art.

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dog's got an extra tail
Whoops indeed
Hey all, final page of Chapter 15 is here now and I hope you've all been enjoying the story so far.
Things are heating up and we'll be going into the final chapter of Arc 2! After that...there is 5 more chapters total of the comic!
I hope you're all excited uwu
That said, I'm going on a short hiatus from this until February 7th where I'll post the start of chapter 16. I appreciate you all being patient with me, as this chapter's been the most challenging for me for some reason. Just...very poor planning on my part.
That said, hang tight! We'll be back in February!
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o lawd she comin