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10 year old Elijah is forced to figure out the adult world on his own due to the mysterious absence of his parents. Left an orphan in a small, dull town he rebels at any attempt by society to mold him into what a proper adult is supposed to be. Elijah wants adventure, freedom, and most importantly to be noticed! The polar opposite of what surrounds him. One day, after personally witnessing a hover board racer's freedom to soar through the air, Elijah's world is flipped upside down. Technology seems to be the answer to his boredom. It's exciting, new, but unfortunately out of reach. Follow Elijah as he develops engineering and mechanical skills to navigate the world of advancing technology with the simplest of tools. Building a hoverboard maybe just the first step to find out about himself and who is parents could have been.

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I am an artist and an engineer...and yes, I know what you're thinking. Engineers can't draw.
Well, I'm here to change that! Combining my love for drawing and curiosity for how things work I'm creating a story that challenges how we view technology and inspires kids and adults to engage it, with their own hands!!


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No problem :D
I look forward to seeing what you make in the future

I'm using a mix between photoshop (to do the animation), after effects (for transitions and text), and animate (making motion tweens of static images)

In the future I plan on just using photoshop's animation tool because it will be quicker!
This looks really good :D
What program are you using?
Test #4
Author Note
lol thanks. I just chose a very simple style so I could make the pages quicker. Check out my deviantart or instagram for the good stuff!