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Eternal Life For A Living
Last update: 7th Mar 2020, 5:22 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Young veteran and artist Aleksandr Navtalov has finally found a stable way to support his fragile family through the cutthroat world of post-soviet Moscow. When an extortion ring threatens his livelihood in the midst of an economic crisis, Aleks plunges into the violent criminal world that surrounds him to survive, finding himself in a smuggling ring amongst strangely religious company that could kill him just as quickly as they could free him from his debts.

It's an urban fantasy inspired by balto-slavic pagan mythology, the apocryphal tale of Tobias And The Angel and of course, Russian mafia movies from the 90s.

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Hmm. People ain't as social as they used to be.
Nice roll there.
Haha! Well, he also busted it straight into rising from a grave territory, he's uh, ... he's no side character.

His name is Azariah. You -have- seen him before since you've read the old pages, you've just seen him with a different face on.
Page 22! The last page of this chapter, whoop whoop!

I'm going to be starting a very demanding coding bootcamp that lasts 3 months on the 23rd so I've got no idea that I can update during those 3 months, retail killed my buffer :(. But hey, we get to the end of the chapter before I go off and die in a pool of javascript.

So, potential hiatus? Potential continuation of spotty updates? I'm determined to tell this damn story, it's happening, just, not on the weekly.

Also remember the alamo because it fell today man o:
Author Note
Okay...this guy...this guy just rolled this story into supernatural shape-shifting territory. I was already interested in the story from prior to the reboot, but this adds a whole new twist!