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The Rise of a Legend
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Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language

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Soana, well, a lot can be said about her.
Today she's the Archmage, with a capital A, mind you, the hammer of justice the Guild brings down on those it deems to be criminals.
Before then...well, you'll see.

There will be some heavy themes later on, including, but not limited to:
Sexual themes (unlikely to be explicit)
Child neglect, potentially abuse (psychological;not physical)
Violence, including graphic depictions thereof.
Generally people being horrible.

A small project I started both to practice and to have something other than my main comic to work on. It takes place approximately 70-80 years* before the main comic, "Phoenix of Haven", and, as most little projects of mine, has become far bigger than originally intended.
Being what it is, it is at times experimental.
This chapter is on the last 3 or so pages, but there may be some delays and I apologize for that.

The order is anachronic, meaning that the chapters aren't in chronological order. Don't worry too much, though, I tried to make it relatively clear what happens at which point in time.

*translated to a human lifespan, that may be about 45 years.


I'm a relatively young author working on a few things, most involving dragons, magic, a lot of character building and hopefully decent graphics.

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(I'll change the image tomorrow, this night it seems almost impossible to get a good shot)

So, things happened.

Mostly procrastination. How to help that, I don't know. Maybe once the big life even I have coming up is over I'll be able to focus a bit better, but other than that, I really have no idea.

Anyways, this'll be on a hiatus, either a short one if i chose to add another chapter before starting Phoenix of Haven, or a long one if I chose to get that prepared first.
Either way, I'll probably put some places where you can find me in my profile and in a comment here.

Until then, have a lovely time and may the gods of distracting conversations be kinder to you than they have been to me.
Author Note
Apologies. The next few pages will hopefully be on time.
That is, one on Friday and one on Monday, and after that I'll see if I want to add another chapter or just work on the main comic and a little art.
Author Note
Hello everyone, I'll probably be running a little late with the page due to schoolwork and procrastination.
It should be up in a day or two, though.

In the meantime, have a lovely day you all.
Author Note
Sorry for being a bit late, the positive news is that I've thumbnailed the last two pages and have more than enough time to draw them, so the updates will stay regular this chapter.
Author Note
Just when I thought 'd gotten rid of all the mistakes...
Author Note