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Comic profile: My Immortal Fool
My Immortal Fool
An Alternate Universe Comic about Mario Baddies
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 5th Mar 2017
Number of comics: 146
Number of subscribers: 50
Visitors: 68070 visitors (355998 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Welcome to Shamelessly Fanservice-filled Headcanon Hipsterfest 2011!

Years after the events of Superstar Saga, astray from the alpha timeline leading to the events of Partners in Time, Fawful's made a name for himself and still fights with Prince Peasley, but then he gets posessed by the still-wandering soul of Cackletta.

And stuff happens.

Characters and original canon are ©Nintendo.

Updates are random and the artwork is pretty sketchy, as I'm putting more of my time into another comic called Highly Experimental.


I like drawing emo boys to Evanescence music.

- Highly Experimental Formspring
- Immortal Fool Formspring
- Tumblr

Most recent comments left on My Immortal Fool

FawfulGod (Guest)
2nd Apr 2017
Choo Choo*
Left on Storm the Castles!
FawfulGod (Guest)
2nd Apr 2017
YES, YOUR BACK!!! Chop chop on the hype train
Left on Storm the Castles!
23rd Mar 2017
I am finally back on comicfury again. Glad to see this is still a thing. Have always loved this series :)
Left on Storm the Castles!
Leo (Guest)
20th Mar 2017
Holy cow an update! I'm still following this. I will wait for you to keep updating. Still love this comic.
Left on Storm the Castles!
5th Mar 2017
Left on Storm the Castles!