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An Alternate Universe Comic about Mario Baddies
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Welcome to Shamelessly Fanservice-filled Headcanon Hipsterfest 2011!

Years after the events of Superstar Saga, astray from the alpha timeline leading to the events of Partners in Time, Fawful's made a name for himself and still fights with Prince Peasley, but then he gets posessed by the still-wandering soul of Cackletta.

And stuff happens.

Characters and original canon are ©Nintendo.

Updates are random and the artwork is pretty sketchy, as I'm putting more of my time into another comic called Highly Experimental.


I like drawing emo boys to Evanescence music.

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I livestreamed this page. My twitch channel is Cammiluna if you’re interested in watching me play games and draw things!
Author Note
When the world needed them most...THEY CAME BACK!!!
also, always nice to see peasley throwing shade.
"Is this trash fire of a bean treating you right? Want me to beat him up for you?"
I will finish this comic if it takes me 20 years!!!
Holy shit, I thought this was dead.