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Comic profile: I'm Not Your Friend
I'm Not Your Friend
It's an internet thing. You wouldn't understand
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 6 days ago, 9:28 PM
Number of comics: 378
Number of subscribers: 33
Visitors: 18967 visitors (100425 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.71 (35 votes)

Comic description

A Popular Girl, A Rich Girl, An Artistic Girl, A Nerdy Girl, A Ditzy Girl, and A Smart Girl live their lives, get into goofy situations, have some fun, and learn to deal with each other while giving the readers some classic character-driven comedy!


Hi! I write a comic named I'm Not Your Friend, and I'm a shitposter, aspiring rock bassist, and bit of a douchebag. I'm a nice enough person unless you hate being joked about, I'm somewhat sarcastic, sort of obsessed with attention, and I love rock and metal music. Every comic I make is for the fans. I would be nowhere without them, and I want nothing more than to keep them happy with new comics.

Also, feel free to tell me if I forgot to give a character arms, made a typo, or forgot a couple of words, and I'll edit the comic and fix them. I do make goofs a lot.

Most recent comments left on I'm Not Your Friend

3rd Jan 2018
This comic speaks the truth XD
Left on Different Town
29th Dec 2017
Sorry for the late reply, but you did a really great job! Loved the picture!
Left on Gift Exchange Part 2
20th Dec 2017
Hey! Just wanted to let you know I posted a pic of Carol in the fan art threads. :) hope you like it
Left on Gift Exchange Part 2
31st Oct 2017
Happy Halloween!
Left on Real Horrors
guest (Guest)
15th Sep 2017
same face syndrome strikes again! :D
Left on 300