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Comic profile: Im Not Your Friend
Im Not Your Friend
Absolutely Angst Free!
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago
Number of comics: 286
Number of subscribers: 28
Visitors: 7572 visitors (42357 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.63 (27 votes)

Comic description

A Popular Girl, A Rich Girl, An Insecure Girl, A Nerdy Girl, A Ditzy Girl, and A Smart Girl live their lives, get into goofy situations, tell jokes, and learn to deal with each other, all while mocking media, tropes, and even their own comic.


Hi! I write a comic named I'm Not Your Friend, and I'm a shitposter, aspiring rock bassist, and bit of a douchebag. I'm a nice enough person unless you hate being joked about, I'm somewhat sarcastic, sort of obsessed with attention, and I love rock and metal music. Every comic I make is for the fans. I would be nowhere without them, and I want nothing more than to keep them happy with new comics.

Also, feel free to tell me if I forgot to give a character arms, made a typo, or forgot a couple of words, and I'll edit the comic and fix them. I do make goofs a lot.

Most recent comments left on Im Not Your Friend

28th Jul 2017
The past few comics have been kinda "Weird" format wise. Expect a more typical "Character driven gag" soon. I've got 'em planned.
Left on Progress
1st Jul 2017
Haha! Basically if all comic characters were aware
Left on 1 Year Anniversary
27th Jun 2017
Congrats on the anniversary, Sharpy! :D
Left on 1 Year Anniversary
Clownfaceartist (Guest)
15th May 2017
"moeny though"
welp that's (insert funny here).
wel this is an issue lol
Left on President
Clownfaceartist (Guest)
15th May 2017
"dont jump the gun"
Remember them for who they were- not who they are.
in memory of said artist going dub wub
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