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Felicity Feline is like most average high schoolers: emotional, lonely, unsure of who she is or where she belongs. She has a life like many others...until the day she runs away and finds herself in Purgatory, a desolate city halfway between the mortal world and hell, inhabited by demons, monsters, and misfits like her. Felicity makes new friends who take her under their wings and offer her a chance to start over. Will she take the opportunity and try to move forward? Or will she allow Purgatory to entrap her...furever? =^o.o^=


I'm Guts, a traditional hobby artist. I love animals, religious imagery, occultism, games, movies, horror, fantasy, and food :)

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GM! I've created a twitter account specifically for this comic: @PurrgatoryComic. I'll be tweeting when the comic updates, and also sharing Purrgatory-related art, info, etc.
Author Note
Guess I should probably add a warning for nudity, huh? It won't happen often and it won't be sexual, but I suppose it's better to be safe
Author Note
It's back :) Going back to a M/W/F update schedule as this chapter is probably going to end up being the longest so far. Let's go!
Author Note
Hey, just wanted to drop by and give an update on the next chapter, since I said I was aiming to start posting it on the 10th and obviously that didn't happen. Two reasons:

1. I've been dealing with a lot of pain the last month or two, first in my wrist/hand and then in my back/shoulder, that made it hard to draw. I had to take lots of breaks from art and hobbies, and I just didn't get many comic pages done. After several doctor visits and adjusting my habits, I'm doing a lot better, but I'm still not ready to start posting because
2. Chapter 5 is turning out to be pretty long. Like...way longer than the other chapters so far. I plan on going back to 3x/week updates, or it'll take me forever to post the whole thing. Because of that, I need to have more backlog than usual built up before I begin posting.

All that to say, I need more time to work. I'm planning on being back at the end of August/beginning of September. See you soon!
Author Note
I just got caught up again.
Crystal is my fave character now, and this pic of her is great.