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In Blood We Rise
When the tides of fate change...
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Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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Theodore Ashdown is the heir to one of England's most infamous witch families. With his future already planned out, from birth to death, he has little to no escape to be an individual. But the fates must have decided otherwise, because one night Theodore meets the vampire Oliver.

And suddenly the future was a mystery to unfold.


This is the story of Theodore and Oliver unfolding the mysterious ancient past and the unwritten future together.

Will they find the answers they seek?
Who knows.
Lets find out.



I'm Mera, I'm a viking that likes potatoes, the supernatural and the 19th century.

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Yay! thanks! :'D
I'm screaming they're so cute and the panel is astounding!!
Also, they spent the whole night talking, so sweet
Is this to become a LGBTQ only saga or will there be Hetro Arcs as well?
And the panel is dawn super cool and pretty too you make great art!
Omg theyโ€™re so cute together