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I'm Winning At Loosing
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Alone in space Elz is just trying to keep from getting screwed over for the 10,000th time. Stealing and selling what they can get there hands on in a universe that has left them on the outside with nothing and no one. Things finally seem to turn around when they meet a Lepid named Seras in need of a ride. Is he really what he seems or is he waiting to take everything from Elz making them start all over.


Hello!, I am here I like to draw and I love dogs

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Just about to start uploading Chapter 2 Going to try and keep it consistent since I have some more time after work now :D
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I'm doing my best to update regularly but its tricky with my new job
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Sorry for the irregular updates Oops. I don't always have time to draw ;o; there will be a short break while i try to build up some pages :D
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I love the unnecessary drama of this shot
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Woops missed Friday My bad
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