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Last update: 4th May 2020, 11:33 PM
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The adventures of a guy named Fred, and many other creatures, somewhere in New Jersey.


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Hey Wes, thanks a lot. Unfortunately, I don't think I have any other copies lying around.
Based on past experience, I'll take any cartoon you do. At least it didn't go the pretentious route that Thomas Dye's later work has done.
Dennis, thank you for a great ride. I've thoroughly enjoyed 'IR' and wish you all the best. Do you by any chance have any copies of the IR/Mullein Fields books lying around that you could sell to me?
I appreciate your longstanding support, Delta-v (after all these years, I've come to assume that that's your real legal name, and now I refuse to believe otherwise).
The best Marx quotes are mangled Marx quotes, I guess.

I salute you for your ownership of Scandinavia's only Mullein Fields book. Take care of it, because it's out of print now, and might be worth something someday (you might be able to trade it for some flatbrød or something).