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Last update: 27th Dec 2021, 2:40 AM
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The adventures of a guy named Fred, and many other creatures, somewhere in New Jersey.


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On the contrary, I should be thanking you. In fact, I will. Thank you for buying the book. Thanks also for reading the strip for so many years.
Oustanding book, Dennis! Just arrived via Amazon. Everything is crisp and clean. Thanks SO much for giving us fans the entire series to keep and enjoy. :-)
Hey congratulations! Completing a decade-long comic is the jam, I know that well.
Long Tom
Yes, I bought one.
Now in print. Contains the whole series. All the way from 2012 to fourteen days ago. That's almost 450 pages of comics, and ten years of my life, for the low low price of $18.

You can buy it in paperback here, or in PDF format here.

Some notes about the book for anybody who is interested:

* Like the first (forgotten) Inhuman Relations book, the strips have been reconfigured into a graphic novel format, and the stories divided into chapters, each with their own dumb title. (My favorite dumb title: Attack of the Killer Jive Turkey)

* Speaking of the first book, you might wonder why I didn't simply publish the remainder of the strip in a smaller, less-expensive second volume. Answer: vanity. I always wanted to publish a 400+ page comic book.

* I rewrote some of the jokes to make them funnier and/or less stupid. I gave up after a while because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life rewriting and editing this thing.

* I altered some of the political references throughout the comic because they never should have been there in the first place. I gave up after a while for the same reason stated above. Important lesson: Don't virtue signal in your comics.
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