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Dallan Grivs just wanted a job where he didn't have to deal with late night holdups or bounty hunters looking for coworkers nightly. With his luck though a job lands right at his door and while rude and threatening it's better than having another blaster shoved in his face. And best of all he would be the first to record information about the Empire for all of the Republic to see. Now if only the people he was set to go study weren't the kind to have a firing squad at the ready. Or a Sith.

This is a Star Wars The Old Republic comic with both personal and shared headcanon ideas to make this world a bit more realistic.


I am many things in the making at this moment.

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In another dimension he would be dragged to the kitchen to eat
Author Note
Sudden apartment! (not really, but- certainly nicer then his old place so far despite the knocking XD)
One thought, for the yelling spiky bubbles i'd personally recommend adding a tail to them. I had some trouble trying to figure out who was speaking in the last panel for a second (if it was Dallan or the person knocking)
I like the color choice in this page. despite there being a lot of gray you managed to get it all different shades so they dont blend into each other.
Curse the sun!!
Author Note