In the Paths of Yesterday
With the murder of High School Senior Maycie Stevens, the true depths of corruption and power surrounding her death reveals itself.
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Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Senior year, the time in our lives where we choose what paths we lead our futures and to say goodbye to those we walked along with. What was supposed to be an uneventful school year for Iris Salazar and best friend Amadeus 'Deus' Carter turns into a tangled web of lies and corruption when a fellow classmate is found dead. With almost everyone against them and and a mysterious note pointing towards a greater coverup the true circumstances behind Maycie Stevens' death shall reveal itself.


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If I could have been a director I could but comics is easier :P
Really like the panel layout here following the characters but staying static on the scenery.
Link to the shop can be found here!
Author Note
Kickass character design.
They're really hard to do. Cars in general are super difficult for me, but I think you did a superb job.