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Into the Swell
A chance at survival throws a pirate and wizard together on a high seas adventure where, against all odds, this couple of opposites will attract trouble, demons, and each other.
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Occasional Strong Language
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When Fletcher is saved from execution with seconds to spare, the King offers him a chance at a new life. All he must do is find the missing Queen; easy enough for a pirate like him. Fletcher takes the chance at survival only to find himself paired with Kelwyn, an exasperated court wizard searching for a freedom of their own. At odds, they set off across the sea and find their task is not quite as simple as they expected. And maybe the person they're stuck is the real treasure they've been hunting for their whole lives.


I'm Miranda.
Computer Engineer by day
Comic Artist by...well..day also.

Currently working on a Pirate Fantasy Adventure titled Into the Swell!

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THANK YOU!!! Your support and comments have meant so much to me! Thank you for reading and I'm so glad you enjoyed the ending!!
Thank you!!!! <3 This means so much to me to hear!! I'm very proud of it :)
THIS WAS SO AWESOME and it was so amazing to see it from beginning to end in the discord and everything. It all came together so beautifully!!! Amazing job Miranda!!
Dun dun dun!
WOWOWOWOWOW I love the way this ended and the way you drew everything together! These characters were adorable and I'm excited to see your next project!!