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Into the Swell
When a pirate and a wizard are forced to work together to solve a mystery of royal proportions, they find themselves embroiled in questions, answers and a relationship they never saw coming.
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Occasional Strong Language
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When Fletcher is saved from execution with seconds to spare, the King offers him a chance at a new life. All he must do is find the missing Queen and recover what was stolen, easy enough for a pirate like him. Fletcher takes the chance at survival only to find himself paired with Kelwyn, an exasperated court wizard searching for a freedom of their own. At odds, they set off across the sea. As they work together, a bond begins to take hold proving that love can be found on the darkest oceans.


I'm Miranda.
Computer Engineer by day
Comic Artist by...well..day also.

Currently working on a Pirate Fantasy Adventure titled Into the Swell!

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I really like fletcher s expression in the first panel
Please meet Brutus the Crab. He is very important.
(Ok…maybe he’s not. But he doesn’t know that so shhhh. We don’t want to hurt his feelings.)
Author Note
She is so fun to draw. And so bright! I mean I know Kelwyn is blue…but like…I draw them a lot so it’s old news.
Pink is the new blue XD
Author Note
New Incoming Character!
Designed as a secret Santa gift by Cherry of Stars in Roses

Check out her original piece here:
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