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Living Weird in a Normal World
Last update: 6th Mar 2020, 7:10 PM
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Two high school introverts try to decode the unwritten laws of social interaction laid down by extroverts.


My name's Neal. I grew up in Denver, lived in Oregon for awhile, and now live in Minneapolis with my wife, our son, and our dog. I take care of the critters, draw some comics, practice Aikido, and so on.

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Hello friends! This series is also available in print!
order volume 1 here
order volume 2 here
Author Note
It's much belated, but I realized the full set of rules doesn't appear anywhere in the comic. So here are the core rules. There is a little bit of extra material in the print books-- volume 2 has the preamble and strategies of the finished handbook.
Author Note
8 years after posting this, I really regret using the R-word. If I was drawing this now, I would make a different choice. I could edit it out now obviously, but that seems dishonest. Maybe instead we can all learn a tiny bit from this.
Thank you so much my friend! (And I'm sorry I didn't see your comment for so long!) I'm a slow producer these days but I'm always working on something...please click my profile or visit my homepage for other projects!
Yo thanks for taking the time write this comic! The last few days reading this comic has been some of the best days of my life reading a graphic novel! I hope you got some more stuff coming out! peace