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Last update: 10th Apr 2023, 7:42 PM
Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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This webcomic is a collaboration between comic artists where old works are reborn with new captions and dialogue from one of the other artists/authors.

Anyone may sign up as an author and deface another author's work, but doing so means:-
- Your works will also be available for other authors to deface.
- You may only deface comics from this comic's authors.
- You must post a link to the original comic that you defaced.
- Try and keep it naughty, but abusive and hurtful defacements will not be allowed.

If you'd like to contribute, see the Authors tab above.


In addition to the comics below, I'm also involved with A New Realm of Scrutiny a collaborative comic where characters answer questions and interact with each other.
It has ended and segued into A New Room of Scrutiny.
Same idea, just in a room.

I do art for myself, and I write for myself. I do as I decide.
twitter is @128_mega

Uncle Zap
Uncle Zap
I enjoy cartooning and reading other people's work.

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Just when when you thought it was safe to go fishing...
It started out a little like a shark-attack (close-shave), but then I thought it would be funny to retain the original joke. (I've just turned it up to eleven)

Glad you liked... hard to make the shark fit in with the original style.
We were talking about this the other day,.. the standard terror/jeopardy used and re-used in old movies.

- Quick Sand (we were terrified of any boggy ground because of this)
- Avalanche
- Tidal Wave / Tsunami (awesome destructive power - similar to above)
- Volcano (destroys everything in its path)
- Deep Holes

And of course the king of the heap - SHARKS
I believe Jim Carey said it best on Ace Ventura . "That's not snowflake".