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When gore hound Reggie Redgrove discovers a snuff TV show called Diddly Doo the Dinosaur, she knows she wants to see more. She and her pal from the video store, Rosie, decide to investigate and track down more tapings of the twisted cartoon. But each taping is worse than the last: trick-or-treats being probed by women dressed as aliens, killer little girls in devil costumes, tapings of suicide pacts, just to name a few! And with each episode they watch, the girls begin to experience more and more unusual events in the real world. Soon, they find themselves unable to tell the difference between what's real...and what's not.


I'm a biologist, teacher, and Europhile who likes scifi and horror.

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My wife grew up in China, and used to vie for Fruit Loops, which were not available in her part of China. She said she always imagined they had a juicy, tart taste based on the commercials. She was EXTREMELY disappointed when it turned out they tasted like sugar.

Advertising. What can you do?
Author Note
The human propensity to rationalize is endless. Too bad it is rarely proportional to our capacity for survival...
I'd suggest the orange......

This here is pure videodrome stuff. I recommend that movie highly: it contextualizes a lot of this.
Twisted looking little box of writhing tentacles. Can you get em in orange or black?