It's A Mistake! (Pokemon Adventure Story!)
Adventure awaits!
Last update: 12 days ago, 10:23 AM
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A little comic that I brewed up, still new to digital art though, I'm excited to share this story with all of you, and I'll do my best to show them!


I will practice my digital art skill and share a story while at it.I like Eevees, like a lot. I mean, they are so cute.

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You are welcome!!
Truly! Thanks for reading til the end mate!
It's a mistake has been a blast.
Well, I guess thats Season 1 for ya!

I am working on how the story will go from here, and Season 2 will be a hassle to make because of a lot of new shit. Yet, I had fun making this comic, thank you for reading this comic, and I hope that Season 2 will come by about next year, or maybe tis december, who knows?

Since you are reading this mucho texto, you can ask some questions about the future of this story, I could give some hints, some fun answers, cuz Im bored. So yeah, have a great day y'all!
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I really like his hat.