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Webcomic profile: It's NEW DAY!
"I hate this place..."
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Content flags: Violent ContentNudity
Language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 13th Sep 2018, 3:54 PM
Number of comics: 165
Number of subscribers: 29
Visitors: 75088 visitors (448658 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (307 votes)

Webcomic description

Insanity...yep, that about sums it up.
What happens when a middle aged man is "recruited" to participate in a reality show on a distant island inhabited by monsters created by an insane machine? WEll..this happens. Oh, and their are other people there too. Lots of em. Most seem crazy, but he finds they are just insane.
OH..did I mention he has to destroy the machine too?
The machine "changes" the people on the island, along with whatever was there to begin with, into..well, improbable things. In fact, Improbability leaks out of the thing like radiation from a nuclear reactor. Every time someone destroys it, or tries to..BAM..they get loaded with the Improbability and who knows what they may end up turning into. Could be a Robot, could be a Midget, (not to be mistaken for midget, or "little person" in our world, don't confuse them..gawd no), or Mutant, or a Kittymorph, or, heaven help them, a Joker. Joker's are, well...if one pulls a coin from his or her pocket and grins, just run like hell, ok?
And try...TRY not too loose your mind until absolutely necessary, though that makes for "great television", as the sponsors say.


I'm'm just me. Is this thing visible?!

Most recent comments left on It's NEW DAY!

4 days ago
And I thank everyone who does, and thank them for reading.
I want to get back to drawing regularly again as soon as I possibly can..I do draw a little nearly every day, but it is soooo slooooow now.
One good point is I did have time to do quick sketches and have a fair number from this point things are not a total loss.
Thanks all for reading!!
Left on VB character sheet
4 days ago
Actually he tore off the frilly parts on the legs in actual story, and though I did have a page where he adjusted them and made a few things it sort of bogged down the flow of the comic so I did not put that part in.
I had a lot more pages sketched out but in the end some parts get cut out to keep the story going at an interesting pace. Had I put in all that I wrote up he probably would not be out of New Home for the first time
Left on Page 40
Teddy the Wonder Lizard (Guest)
5 days ago
"Pink Panties"
Is it my imagination, or did his pink frilly panties turn into briefs when I wasn't looking?
Left on Page 40
Buzzard (Guest)
6 days ago
Just read through the series myself. You've got a mention on the daily news. You've now got more folks hoping for your recovery.
Left on VB character sheet
18th Sep 2018
I'm glad to hear that! Everyone loves when a character returns to the game. And YAY for binge reading!!! WHOO!
Left on VB character sheet