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♥ Be a good boy, and your dreams will come true ♥
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Based in the not-so-distant past of the late nineties, she is the most beautiful creature any man has ever set their eyes on. But she wields a strange secret. Her purpose in life is to please men, and the only way she could achieve that is by having sex with them. After the man is intimate with her, their lives turn for the better. She knows not to whom created her, but she serves her purpose until someone comes along to save her from her thousand year old slavery.

+18 only. ADULT THEMES. You have been warned!


I currently create two comics. I Want You, which is on this site for explicit reasons, and Shounan Gypsy which is currently being reworked.
I hope you enjoy my work, thank you!

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I only noticed when I tried to look at my last comic left on that site and nothing was pulling up, that lead to looking up what happened and finding out I was a year late to the party XD I had to use the way back machine just to try to get some pages saved. I lost it all. It's ok because before that, I was already rewriting it.
And I used to watch that animation on repeat, I love it so much ♥
Big Nemo
(quote)I also found in my research I am know as what is called a 'refujeeve'(/quote)
They kept coming to ComicFury in the last year, at some point I was afraid the site would buckle under the effort ;-)

(quote)P.S. OMG your avatar! I love that music video!(/quote)
I think you are the first who notices :-D
Welcome Back!
Yes! After some research, I was kinda late to the whole thing but I seen what happened. Such a sad sight to see, I was hosting there for over 10 years and after finally posting every Saturday, they sent me an email stating I was breaking site policies and needed to remove my comic at once (this was a year before the site closure). I had a little back and forth about censoring and something about a 'sister site' they were planning for comics like mine. Eventually they just quit responding so there was nothing I could do but move. It was all very bitter sweet but I'm glad I did. ComicFury is sooooo much better. I unfortunately have to completely start from scratch with my other comic as it was still being hosted on that site. It's ok though, I had already rewrote all of book one, so taking down that site and starting fresh was inevitable. I also found in my research I am know as what is called a 'refujeeve'.
Nothing else to that, I just thought it was neat XD
P.S. OMG your avatar! I love that music video!
Big Nemo
Welcome back! :-)

(In case you didn't notice, recently Smackjeeves has disappeared completely with all the comics still hosted there, so it is a good thing to have you here on Comicfury)