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Comic profile: Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk
Your best friend is a cow
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 8:41 PM
Number of comics: 313
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Rating: 4.99 (464 votes)

Comic description

A classic fairytale turned into an interactive webcomic where anything could happen.


Dear Dad, I have spent over 10 years and $94,000 putting together my mosquito costume and now I am pleased to announce that I have become a mosquito. The costume is quite realistic and I have even attached bladders to the nose thing so that I can suck up liquids when I puncture them...with my nose thing. I could be buzzing all around you on a hot summer day and you wouldn't even recognize me as your son-child, you would just think, “Get away, mosquito.” From my point of view, you would be 3,000 dads because of the way I've designed the eyeballs. I might be saying, “Dad it's me, Dad it's me,” but you wouldn't be able to understand my language because of its buzzing. I am also into plastics now and I am making plastic tubes that you can suck liquids through; kind of like my mosquito nose, but used for different reasons. Hope you're doing well at camp. See you soon.

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what in the effing f*** is actually going down right now
Left on Page 312
Jack defends his father.
Left on Page 312
3 days ago
Poor John. He tried his best.
Left on Page 311
One week ago
optimist's answer: yes
realist's answer: no
pessimist's answer: no, and he'll die
my answer: idk man
Left on Page 310
One week ago
What do you think, dear readers?
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