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Portfolio Of Jacob Ledesma
The collection of Artwork to Showcase the Skills of PSArtS Artisan Jacob Robert Ledesma
Last update: 6 days ago, 10:31 PM
Occasional Frontal Nudity

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Character Design
Figure Drawings
Object Drawings
Layout Drawings
Body Parts
Animal Drawings
Personal Artworks


gah humans get away why do you require knowledge of my personal life. Òó are you trying to black mail me!!!!!! never shall this be. you will never get me to talk about myself never!!!!!!!!!!!!.......oh you have cookies.....well why didnt you say so *munches on cookies* weee ratran iray rout rife...mhmmmm tjese cookies are good *scarfs cookies down. stops glares at you* why are you still looking at me???

fine you wanna know a secret, i am a member of the secret society of the potato legionnaire.....shhhhhhhhh no one can know
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