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Webcomic profile: Jaded Tanto
Jaded Tanto
A webcomic
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 1:25 AM
Number of comics: 36
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Webcomic description

The world of Ukiyo trembles under the shadow of a tyrannical Shogunate, who wishes to bring the last of the Free World under his iron fist, and rebuild Ukiyo in his own image.

Reiden, the last of the Nine Kitsune Tribe's Tanaka Clan, must come out of hiding from his residual den, and face the beast who killed his family during his infancy when his village is desolated.

Tsukiko, the last of the Mizukami bloodline, chieftain ninja of the White Shadow clan, leader of the Jaded Tanto reisistance, daughter of the Moon God, and true heir to the throne of Ukiyo, must defeat the Shogunate's army, and take her rightful place as Queen of Ukiyo.

Allies will be made, as well as some enemies; comradery shall ultimately be their rock, but betrayal and peril are not strangers to these warriors either.
Destinies intertwine as Ukiyo prepares for the final confrontation between the Jaded Tanto and the Shogunate. Should our heroes fail in their quest, evil will prevail, and the Armageddon brought by the wrath of the gods will surely destroy every living creature in the eight directions of Ukiyo...

(WARNING: This comic contains violence, sexual content, profanity, and use of drugs and alcohol.)



I'm just a girl who is on a mission to become the next Walt Disney.

Most recent comments left on Jaded Tanto

3 days ago
Only one page this evening. Again.

I really need to be looked at for insomnia, as I have not been sleeping well lately.
I'll publish more another day.
Left on chapter 3, page 4, Refugees
4 days ago
Again, only one page for this evening.
I am trying to get back into a regular schedule, as well as hook myself up with equipment for the job that I am seeking.

For those who are curious about the terra-beast, the terra-beast was inspired by the stray chickens that would run around the entire school district, when I went to high school in Hawaii. While it does have a similar build like a chicken, I actually took various parts of animals, and made the terra-beast as is, such as:
-the round body of a camel
-the feathers of a kiwi (a type of bird from Oceana)
-the legs of an ostrich
-the head of a lizard
-the neck of an iguanadon
-the dangly bits and tail feathers of a chicken
-the eyes of a horse

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy.
Left on Chapter 3, page 3, Refugees
8 days ago
I only have one page for this evening. I haven't had time to sit down and work more on Chapter 3 due to work, and especially during Spring Break.
I will publish more another day.
Please enjoy.
Left on chapter 3, page 2, Refugees
10 days ago
I'm alive!
And I received extra hours at my workplace since Spring Break started.
This was the most difficult page to complete, since I had to make sure that certain body parts in certain positions stayed within realistic physiological limits for the characters.
I will still be publishing every 2-5 days, with my minimum publishing deadline being once a week.

As you'll can see, I started the chapter right where we left off.
(Sorry for publishing just one page. I'll publish more another day.)
Left on chapter 3, page 1, Refugees
7th Mar 2019
"Hello, fellow Jaded Tanto fans!"
If you like this series, awesome.
Anyway, here is the link to my Patreon account, if you wish to support my project:

Left on chapter 2, page 12, the hour of the snake (the pilot, part 2)