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The girl who is out of this world...literally!
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Jamie Jupiter is a member of the Galactic Squadron-a team of intergalactic "space cops" who help protect the galaxy. After tracking a villain to Earth, she saves the lives of two teenagers and shares her secret with them. She now vows to use her cosmic superpowers to protect her new friends and her new home, while learning what planet Earth is all about. Monsters of all shapes and sizes threaten our way of life, but with a brave and determined alien; a deadpan snarker photographer, and her comic book-loving geeky boyfriend, no task is simple, and every day is an adventure.


Hi there! I created this page to share my love of comics and comic-making with the world. I love comics, cartoons, writing, drawing, and sci-fi, among alot of other great things. I hope you all enjoy my stories and characters as much as I enjoy creating them.

My DeviantArt page has plenty more art besides my comic. :)

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And my YouTube page features videos about comic conventions, drawing, and other random stuff.

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Also, KarToonComics now has a Tumblr page!


KarToonComics now has a Facebook page too!


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For the sake of everyone's sanity, let's just start with what went wrong in the past few days. XD
Maybe you do, but she doesn't. XD
His words are sincere. She's still just not quite ready to be touchy-feeling with him again.

Sometimes, the healthiest thing to do is to just let it all out.
I ship it!
How....far back do you want to go to dredge up things that have gone wrong? You're going to need at least a terabyte to hold it all....

Of course, we can all vote while Jamie is thinking. ^^ Jusr click on this link, and it'll take you right to the Voting Gateway, :)