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Last update: 14th Mar 2022, 12:53 AM
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This really doesnt' belong in my regular comic


The Big Missy. The Big Mama. The Large Marge.

And Mr. Jennings, where was he,
The man that we had asked to see
And who were we to think
That it was funny
That when she raised her glass she said,
She wasn't sure, he might be dead;
Or somewhere making love
To all his money

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I'd like to believe he'd be just as disgusted as I am and we'd sit on the couch together and shit-talk everyone else in the group
imagine leon on the sporlce facebook group
LOL OK the fact that you reread this really made my day. That tattoo was the first time I ever drew an anime anything and I felt very proud of it despite it being 4x4 px in size
I'm back here again and this time i noticed the naruto tattoo
the id ghe ego and ghe superego